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“If lea Michele hit me with a car I would say thank you”

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cant spell infinity without Finn </3

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Wilde (Speed Freak)

I read a fic about roller derby Holly and I remember this Psych episode where Aliyah O’ Brien is playing a roller derby robber/murderer. You should totally watch this episode even if you’re not a fan of Psych (why are you not?) just for the badassness of Aliyah on this episode.

This is Season 3 Episode 7 - Talk derby to me.

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Short preview of Lea in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

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One day we just looked at each other and we were like “You wanna do this?" We knew.

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If lea michele hit me with a car I would say thank you


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favorite psych moments: 4x13 "you know how when we were kids, there were all those cool prizes at the bottom of cereal boxes? … well there are two kinds of kids. there’s the kid who flipped the box over and opened it from the bottom and grabbed the prize right away. and then there’s the kid who waited patiently and ate bowl after bowl of cereal until the prize just tumbled out on its own. … i didn’t wait. i didn’t wait for my decoder ring or my frankenberry action figure when i was a kid."

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